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Lifestyle Profile
Inupiat Strong
Filed 02.12.2010
Karina Moeller writes a compelling story of life in the Arctic in this profile of Terzah Poe. It is a great story of inspiration and achievement for all TAL readers.
Photo credit: Charles Tice
Married to the Military
Everyone has their comfort food. At TAL we like Cookie Dough ice cream with peanuts on top, but it seems that Nina and her friends have more exotic tastes.
Carpe Diem
If you thought last weeks article on Malta was intriguing - wait until you read about Gail's continuing adventure in this far away land.
A Spiritual Perspective
Professional broadcaster, and winner of the Marconi Award from the National Association of Broadcasters Camille Conte has a unique spiritual view on the world.
Do You Know Your Neighbor’s Name? 
Gina has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity - read about her adventures in South America.
Carpe Diem
Always looking to seize the day. Gail shares her experiences on how to get through the day weekly.
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